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    A story like no other

    Every story has a beginning, this is how ZaNiheza came to existence.

    ZaNiheza is a company with a story that deserves to be shared. Our founder left Rwanda at 16 years old age during the Genocide Against The Tutsi. It took him 24 years to return to Rwanda. His return to Kigali was not by nostalgia, rather a necessity to solve family issues.

    On his first trip to Kigali was in 2018, like many returnees, he experienced a shock of joy to see how much Rwanda had changed. He could not believe what he was seeing. Kigali’s cleanliness reminded him of his favourite city in the world - Tokyo.

    On his second trip, He visited Gicumbi, Musanze, Ruhango, and Kigali. He was seeking to reconnect with his culture and his people. He felt the stood on a hill in Rwankeri, that Rwanda is beautiful and has an amazing culture. The first seed of what became ZaNiheza was planted.

    While ZaNiheza was founded in Rwanda by a Rwandan, we believe that our continent has a rich culture that should be narrated within our vision of Africa.

    For media coverages, please email us: press@zaniheza.com

    Hence our Mission is:
    “To change how people travel to Africa by offering cultural experiences that are authentic, fun and knowledgeable”

    ZaNiheza is Murakaza Neza & Niheza


    I founded a company in Rwanda😊

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