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    Rwanda also is known as the land of a thousand hills is located right in the heart of Africa! Look on the map for that tight country in the middle.
    The meaning ZaNiheza comes from Kinyarwanda words:
    Murakaza Neza (Much Welcome) and Niheza (it’s beautiful).
    ZaNiheza is a unique tour operator in Rwanda, Africa. Our focus is culture because we want to show you Rwanda through our eyes.

    With ZaNiheza, you can expect to:
    Mingle with locals in non-NGO ways! We mean real interaction
    Discover those local places where even local people may have not been
    Have a guilty free experience as ZaNiheza gives back to the community
    And enjoy an experience that will remain with you for a lifetime.
    Just click on the experience button, then select the tour of your choice. For example, Kigali Yacu Tour. The following page has tons of information about where you are, and the activities that you will enjoy. Should you have more questions, please call us.

    That’s fine, we are always here to help.
    Our experiences were built to offer you a unique experience of our country. In Rwanda, the national language is Kinyarwanda. Here is a quick guide:
    Vuba : means fast! So this tour is for you if you are in Kigali on transit, layover, short trip, tight trip etc. You challenge us to show our beautiful city or town in as little as 30 minutes.

    Kigali is the capital of Rwanda. Yacu means “Our”...Therefore Our Kigali. This tour is for you if you are in Rwanda to see “Safaris” and plan to land at the airport and head straight to the Park. We say “hold on a minute!” ZaNiheza has this amazing tour of Kigali city that you should include in a plan.
    This tour is also for you if you just moved to Rwanda! Let ZaNiheza give an introduction of the capital city.
    ZaNiheza welcomes locals and residents to rediscover their backyard! Call us now.
    The premium version of Kigali. This tour is for you if you are looking for that extra pampering! We go all the way.
    Now that you have explored Kigali, Sura Ahandi means let’s go to another place. By this we mean, a visit outside of Kigali. ZaNiheza takes you to the towns of Rwanda for an encounter with friendly locals and everything that gives a truly Rwandaful experience.
    Umwami means King. This experience is meant to take you on a journey through our history mainly the precolonial, colonial and post-colonial era. You will visit the Royal Palace, explore many colonial sites and enjoy Rwanda’s most delicious drink.
    We understand your reservation! ZaNiheza’s members, also called ZaNihezians can provide additional information to ease your concern. Our experiences have gone through a robust check from travellers including our Founder who has been to over 20 cities around the world including Japan.
    Our founder likes to say that ZaNiheza is the Tesla of the Tour operators in Africa. Why? Because ZaNiheza is innovative (has pivoted in e-commerce), curious (always looking for fresh ideas) and uses technology (an app is being developed).
    We are glad that you have decided to book an experience with us. Please click on the experience tab (first tab on the menu), and choose the tour you would like to enjoy. ZaNiheza has gone a long way to find the best booking tool on the tour operators market.