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    Why Choose Us?


    We love Africa

    Our love for our continent inspired the foundation of ZaNiheza. We will show you our amazing land also known as the land of a thousand hills, our culture and our ways of life.

    By the end of your visit, you will fall in love with Africa. That is our guarantee.

    We offer outstanding customer service

    Our founder has over 20+ years of customer service experience in Canada. He has also travelled extensively in Japan for the last 20 years, where he experienced and learned valuable information from their polished customer service.

    A true believer in the customer-first approach, our travellers will experience top-notch services provided by our amazing team.

    Our tours are authentic, fun and knowledgeable

    Authentic: Our experiences are engaging and hands on.Our experiences bring you up close and personal to the culture and the people.

    Knowledgeable: Our experiences will stimulate your mind and enrich your life.

    Fun: Our experiences include activities that give you a feel good vibe.

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