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    Our Story

    Inspired by Culture

    A person and a place are made by so many things. All of which deserve to be seen and thoroughly told. History is no different. On his visit to Rwanda, our founder (A Rwandan Canadian) wanted to learn more about cultural sites, to understand the history of Rwanda and to immerse himself in everything he heard from his Rwandan grandparents.

    Yet, he could not find a tour guide that specializes in an authentic cultural experience. He realized that there is a need for a tour guide company that offers unique cultural experiences. Despite Africa's rich history, culture and traditions, the gap to tell these stories authentically still stands. That is where we come in. We bring a solution on our hands for the matter at hand.

    Our company name ZaNiheza combines three words in Kinyarwanda Murakaza Neza (Welcome) and Niheza (it's beautiful). In 2019, ZaNiheza was launched in Vancouver, Canada. Our slogan: See Rwanda Through Our Eyes Is always at the forefront of our self-satisfying experiences and excellent customer care.

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