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    Hello! I live in the Western province, Karongi District. My town is located on Lake Kivu and is know as one the most popular beach retreat.
    I'm passionate about photography and video-making. On top of that, I love chatting with people from all over the world, learning from them and vice versa. I like travelling to new places. I love Rwanda. And I love showing Rwanda to the world

    Hello, I live in the Northern Province, Musanze District. Located in the foothills of the Virunga National Park. This where you find our famous Gorillas.
    My passion is guiding people and letting them know more about my homeland. Have you tasted our organic food? I am passionate about giving you an experience on that too.

    Muraho! I hail from the Southern Province, Huye District. The epicenter of Rwanda’s cultural heritage
    I am very passionate about culture and travelling! I look for positivity in all things. Being an ambassador of ZaNiheza is one of the best role I have ever had in my whole life and I am beyond being ready to do what it takes to perform my role very well. When you visit Rwanda, my amazing homeland country, your desire of adventure will turn into a reality!

    Hello! I live in Eastern Province, Rwamagana District. Akagera National Park is located in my Province
    Revealing the beauty to Rwanda is to the world to ascertain that it is a land of a thousand hills, flourished by beautiful creatures and features instead of being known as "Hotel Rwanda", is my diversion.

    Hello, I live in the Western Province, Rubavu District. A picturesque town on the shores of Lake Kivu.
    My passion is dancing. When you visit Rwanda, you will experience our traditional dance via our traditional dance called "Inkera."

    Asiimwe Hirwa Deborah Meillah

    I am Asiimwe Hirwa Deborah Meillah, representing Kigali city. Helping the world to explore and know more about the beauty of my home land is my greatest pleasure. And I aim to serve it!

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