Kenya is known for its abundant wildlife, but what to do after checking the Big Five off your bucket list?  Plenty, as it turns out.  Head to the miles of white, sandy beaches and swaying palm trees on the stunning Swahili Coast, a prosperous trading hub with a unique cultural history dating back to 1st century C.E.  Inhale the scent of fragrant spices in Mombasa as you stroll the winding alleys lined with busy markets and Arab-influenced architecture.  By the harbour, Fort Jesus is the site of a historic 16th century Portuguese-Arab struggle, and a masterpiece of renaissance military fortifications.  Time seems to slow down on vehicle-free Lamu Island, where you can hire a donkey to meander the narrow roads of Old Town, a well-preserved Swahili settlement designated a World Heritage Site.  Moving inland, the geological smorgasbord offer experiences both mild and wild.  Mt. Kenya, the only snowcapped mountain straddling the equator, offers ambitious hikes and thrilling helicopter excursions with gorgeous views of glaciers, sparkling lakes, and dense forest.  Gain firsthand bush-surviving skills and tribal wisdom through culturally-sensitive visits with the Maasai people.  Round off your visit with a well-deserved R&R at the Olkaria Geothermal Spa, for a luxurious soak in the milky mineral blue waters and top-notch dining.

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