Experience Highlights

  • 3 days at Quidah Voodoo Festival
  • boat cruise to Ganvie, the Venice of Africa
  • day trip to Lom√©, Togo
  • guided city exploration of Quidah and Lom√©

Experience Overview

As the birthplace of voodoo as many as 6000 years ago, Benin holds a sacredness to the millions of people who practice this ancient religion worldwide.  Taking place on a huge beach on the Atlantic, the annual Quidah Voodoo Festival brings together elaborately-dressed delegations of different voodoo communities to pay tribute to the powerful head wizard.  This multi-day celebration is filled with detailed ceremonies, culminating with the propitiatory prayer and sacrificial goats and chickens by the great feticheur.  The party continues all over the city with joyous chaos of richly-decorated Egun masks, enegetic percussionists, and intricate rituals.


Meeting Point:
Benin Airport
Departure Time:


Tour Itinerary

What's Included

Hotel/Residence Pickup & Drop-off, Local Guide, Transportation (car and driver), Activity Fees

Optional Extras‚Äč

Quidah Voodoo Cultural Festival (Jan 9-14, 2023)



Destination: Benin
Duration: 6 days
Travel by:  On foot / public transport
Experience Type:  City

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